Quality Over Quantity

These are all phrases thrown around large recruiting firms on a daily basis. They are sometimes said with sarcasm, humor, but mostly fear because of a manager breathing down their neck to get their “resume submittal” numbers up. When you work for a large staffing firm, you are in that seat until you “hit your numbers” for the day. In most cases, desperate recruiters start flinging unqualified resumes to whomever they can so they can head home for the day. How does this approach help the client? Why bother wasting the valuable time of a client with a resume that doesn’t fit the bill?

This business is all about relationships. Relationships are rarely built by frustration and wasting precious time. Our approach is refreshing in this regard because those who we have built relationships with us know their time won’t be wasted when they see an e-mail from us with a candidates’ resume attached. It’s what has gotten us to where we are today which is successful.

A smaller recruiting group such as ours actually cares about your needs instead of being a client name on a spreadsheet when money is the only thing that matters. Getting to know people and specifically understanding their needs is important. We certainly don’t have a staff of 60 and offices in 38 states but we care about what you’re looking for when you need to make a hire in your technology group. We care about getting to know you and avoiding this standard “quantity over quality” pitfall that hurts business and ruins relationships.

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