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Reason 1 :: No Pressure

We know the horror stories of recruiters badgering candidates about taking an offer. Our mentality is very different. Why would we pressure somebody to take an offer if they weren’t sold on the opportunity/company? Then what? They take the job, are miserable, leave and then the company comes back to us unhappy. How does that help with long-term relationships? That’s the point…most recruiters aren’t in this for the long term. They are in it for the quick commissions, and that’s why there is high turnover in most recruiting firms. Professional Insight has seasoned recruiters that have been around the Atlanta market for many years... and our reputation is everything.

Reason 2 :: Expertise

Of course you know more on the technical side than we ever will. But what about your career path? What’s marketable long term? What are the salary ranges for somebody with a specific skill set? What is the Atlanta market like right now? Ask us, we are experts in the Atlanta market.


Reason 3 :: Transparency

The most successful way to conduct a job search is for everyone to be open in the process. A candidate explains what they are looking for (tech stack, location, salary, etc.) and a good recruiter lets them know what they are working on right now. This usually involves more information than just the job, location and salary. What is the culture? Do they have flextime? What is the growth path for this position? A recruiting firm that has a long-standing relationship with a company will know this information. We have those relationships. We will never send a resume without a candidate expressing interest in the opportunity. Even in a hot market, researching an opportunity before moving forward is important.

Candidate Testimonial

"I was contacted by Professional Insight on a Monday, and interviewed with 3 directors on Wednesday. I was offered the position and accepted the offer on Friday..."

"Professional Insight placed me in a great opportunity, with a great package and room for advancement. Thanks { PI }."

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We fill technical positions by matching great candidates with great companies, primarily in the greater Atlanta area. Below are just a few of the positions we've recently filled. If you're an employer looking to fill a technical position, give us a call...877.492.0808.

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