Chris A.

Senior Software Engineer :: Branding Company

  • Placed: November, 2012

Candidate Description

Chris A. is a well-rounded professional software developer with over ten years experience developing and maintaining a wide variety of systems for small to medium sized businesses. Chris’s specialties are working with business experts to create domain driven designs, delivering solid solutions through the use of test-driven development, and mentoring junior developers. He is also a skilled programmer.

What Andreas brings most to his recruiting efforts is integrity. He has a genuine interest, not only in finding the right candidates for the position, but also in finding the right position for the candidates. He was able to hone in on exactly what I was looking for in my next opportunity and delivered. I've worked with Andreas twice now and have been very happy with the experience in both cases.

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  • Skills:

    • C#
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Agile
    • Scrum
    • Web Applications
    • Test Driven Development
  • Client:

    Branding Industry