Ehsan M.

Senior Developer :: Software Development Firm

  • Placed: July, 2012

Candidate Description

Extensive experience in both building and maintaining software as well as using Domain Driven Design (DDD) alongside other practices such as agile development has produced a proven track record of creating high quality software that functions well and is easily maintainable by developers.

Andreas is one of the most honest and ethical recruiters I've ever worked with. Recruiting companies tend to only care about their own interests but working with Andreas is a breath of fresh air! He works hard to make sure he places the right candidates for the right jobs so that they are actually happy. On a personal note, he is the nicest, most pleasant person to be around!

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  • Skills:

    • C#
    • ASP.NET
    • T-SQL
    • .NET
    • ASP.NET
    • SQL
    • TFS
  • Client:

    Software Development Industry