Avoiding A Counteroffer...

This isn't about "why you should" or "want" to stay with your current employer. This is about your "desire" and "want" to explore other options (or join another employer/company). These come in many forms: career growth/progression, new/challenging/rewarding work, and of course more money. All of which, your current employer is not offering.

With that being said, we strongly suggest you address any concern with your current employer before you embark on a 'secret job search,' and/or seriously engage our services. If you're not sure how to navigate these areas or related, please seek our advice. Again, we're here to help! Oh, and free of charge ;)

The Counteroffer...

Now, when you choose to avoid the above or it just isn't an option, there’s a ton of information available out there on why you should never entertain or accept a counteroffer. Here are just a few points to consider when doing so:

  • Why did it take your resignation to get a higher salary, more responsibility, and a better title?
  • What happens if you accept a counteroffer - has your trust and loyalty come in to question?
  • Will you be perceived as the one who will always be looking for something else?
  • Did you get countered because they need to keep you around for a while, until they find your replacement?

There are a lot more points to consider, and a ton of literature out there for you to read to become thoroughly educated on this topic. There are always going to be exceptions to this, however counteroffers could be a risky end to a valuable job search.

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