Straightforward Approach

We promise to never wrap our clients up in confusing jargon. We outline our search model upfront to make sure clients understand just how easy it is to work with us.

Detailed Qualification Process

Tell us what you need done upfront and we’ll go above and beyond. That’s in addition to what we already do best – qualifying for technical skills, personal fit and ensuring you have someone who is motivated to join your company.

Highly Competitive Rates & Fees

Test us against the competition and we promise you won’t find a more transparent firm in terms of rates / fees or a firm more dedicated to making sure you are comfortable engaging us.

Contingency Based Payment

There is no cost to you until a hire is made. Once you engage us, the search is free and we’re not content until you know you’ve invested wisely in a long-term contributor to your organization.

Rich Network of Candidates

No investment is more important to us than the one we have made in our local network. You will often get candidates from us that no one even knew was looking.

No Time Wasted

No one needs to spend their time weeding through hit or miss talent who do not meet the given standards. That’s our job - you can be assured that once we bring someone to your attention, they’ll be worth your while.

Client Testimonials

"We have used Professional Insight to fill development and quality assurance positions for the last several years. They command an excellent understanding of the industry and have been able to quickly provide candidates that fit our need. The team shows superb professionalism and is "the team" I trust working with my group."

Vice President of Technology
Healthcare Company

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